Virtual Jim Wilson 2020

The Jim Wilson Memorial events are considered a flagship for our league and we couldn’t let the current restrictions on movement stop us from getting together for this fantastic competition. Our amazing organisers have found a way to run the competition virtually using a combination of statistics, social media, randomisers and other dark arts!

The competition will consist of a round robin group stage followed by Main KO and Plate KO stages and will take place over the next week. The great news is, all you need to do is check this page to see the results as they fly in – the even better news is that you have been automatically entered!

The results will be published as follows:

Monday 4th May 1pm Group Game 1
Monday 4th May 8:30pm Group Game 2
Tuesday 5th May 1pm Group Game 3
Tuesday 5th May 8:30pm Group Game 4
Wednesday 6th May 1pm Group Game 5
Wednesday 6th May 8:30pm Group Game 6
Thursday 7th May 1pm Group Game 7
Thursday 7th May 8:30pm Final Group Games
Friday 8th May 2:30pm Plate qualifying games
Friday 8th May 9pm Last 32
Saturday 9th May 5pm Last 16
Sunday 10th May 3pm Quarter Finals
Sunday 10th May 6:30pm Semi Finals
Sunday 10th May 8pm Championship & Plate Finals

Check out the groups below:

Group 1

PosTeamPlayedWonLossAgg. ScorePointsNext Match
1Simon Coleman7611001506-
2Kevin Ayres752444405-
3Ian Jellis752332105-
4Jason Neal743785104-
5Stevie Anscombe743351504-
6Karl Brown725155702-
7Paul Boardman725134202-
8Adam Gunn70790200-
Group 1 Fixtures & Results


Group 2

PosTeamPlayedWonLossAgg. ScorePointsNext Match
1John Tyson752469505-
2Jason Dunkley752468705-
3Stewart Greenaway752347205-
4Mary Leeming743288904-
5Ian Underwood734233003-
6Mark Dunn734172903-
7Stuart Adams725154402-
8Mark Bursnoll716219301-
Group 2 Fixtures & Results


Group 3

PosTeamPlayedWonLossAgg. ScorePointsNext Match
1Jim Thomson871752007-
2Matthew Thomson871626107-
3Nick Faulkner862396006-
4Dave Sadler844594804-
5Tony Britten844278104-
6Martin Atwill835457103-
7Trevor Eaton835339203-
8Jon Coe817338001-
9Trish Wilson-Coates817195001-
Group 3 Fixtures & Results


Group 4

PosTeamPlayedWonLossAgg. ScorePointsNext Match
1Stephen Coleman871998007-
2Chas Peel862558206-
3Norm Reynolds853444905-
4Mick Haynes844399504-
5Alan Taylor844252504-
6Dawn Dunkley835241203-
7Michelle Coleman835234303-
8Jim Smith826380702-
9Oliver Thompson826142002-
Group 4 Fixtures & Results


Group 5

PosTeamPlayedWonLossAgg. ScorePointsNext Match
1Mark Dickerson871475607-
2Richard Botterill862507506-
3Oliver Tarry853200205-
4Rob Scarrott844352504-
5Alan Tarry844228804-
6Dunc Harris835283303-
7Roger Tipler835181603-
8Andy Jarvie826240102-
9Terry Folley826143802-
Group 5 Fixtures & Results


Group 6

PosTeamPlayedWonLossAgg. ScorePointsNext Match
1Ben Foster862327506-
2Keith Thomson853281705-
3Ted Dunkley853239305-
4Martyn Neal853238005-
5Cliff Marshall844153704-
6Anya Metcalf844129204-
7Rebekah Thomson835135903-
8Nicole McClean826156502-
9Steph Pulley826128002-
Group 6 Fixtures & Results


Group 7

PosTeamPlayedWonLossAgg. ScorePointsNext Match
1Lorin Clough8621085106-
2Andy Chambers862765406-
3Dave Evans862473506-
4Leigh Holmes853523705-
5Aidan Coe844281104-
6Karen Tipping844194404-
7Darren Woodward826247502-
8Sandy Thomson826130002-
9Rachel Clough817109301-
Group 7 Fixtures & Results


Group 8

PosTeamPlayedWonLossAgg. ScorePointsNext Match
1Phill York871334807-
2Damian Coates862901206-
3Gary Tipping853289205-
4Leanne Tyson844275404-
5Sue Thomson844169604-
6Rachel Dunn835175403-
7Vicki Warwick835121203-
8David Wilton826170802-
9Alan Greenaway826138502-
Group 8 Fixtures & Results