Given the home side Captain’s poor season to date, he was pleased to at least be drawn with the break. A chance to win a Division 1 leg and improve his Masters ranking. All that came crashing after two minutes and a white peg! John was given the break straight back and got up to 1,800 before he hit a white peg. 5 minutes gone, 0-0 in points. Lorin got the break back again and pegged his next break of 1k. John managed to secure the first points of the leg, only 860 but important points nonetheless. At the half way point, Lorin had mustered 220 to John’s 1,210. Neither were settled and not because of the table – simply because of the importance of the leg for both players. John with the added pressure of a title chasing team willing him on. With both players being given, and not really taking, a few more chances we came to the last few minutes. Lorin was the next to get the break back and finally managed to wrap things up. Unconvincingly.

Next up was Leanne who started well against Ian. She looked to have judged the pace of the table well and quickly built a lead of over a thousand. Ian got a few bits and bobs here and there but it was Leanne who was stretching her lead. As we reached the 10 minute mark Leanne was about 2k up – but back came Ian. A highest ever break of 2,850 put him in front and he managed to deservedly win the leg and put the home side 2-0 up.

Leg three saw Simon quickly judge the table, it’s quick and it’s tricky, and easily build a lead. Breaks of 2k and 4k saw him on his way to a 7k+ scoreline even though Andy played some good stuff. The Cardigan had pulled a leg back.

Cliff missed his opening break but Stephen followed the ‘losing your break’ script, with a couple of white pegs. The game had nothing between them, with neither achieving the accuracy required to stop the balls whipping the holes. Eventually, and not after a long period of stress, Stephen got the break back and did more than enough to win and level things for the visitors.

Finally we saw Jase play Stuart. This game followed the same pattern as the fourth with Jase unable to deliver either the pace or accuracy required to get the break back. Stuart plodded, and executed some good shots, but was always behind. Jase found the going tough as he, like his team, seemed to overthink the table. It’s not as hard as they thought it was – merely the impact of the pressure at the ‘business end’ of the season.

Jase fought through to win yet another leg and convert the victory for the visitors. That is 15 matches unbeaten for The Cardigan, but what could be the title decider comes next. This is the best season for a long time and it is now too close to call where the Division 1 crown will land.




Date Time Competition Season
27th January 2020 8:30 pm Winter League Winter 2019/20


The Red Lion
Chapel Cottage, High St, Cranford, Kettering NN14 4AA, UK


The Red Lion ‘B’2Loss
The Cardigan Arms3Win

The Red Lion ‘B’

Player Score Legs Won Legs Drawn Legs Lost
Lorin Clough5700100
Ian Underwood 3290100
Andy Jarvie2370001
Cliff Marshall740001
Stuart Adams980001

The Cardigan Arms

Player Score Legs Won Legs Drawn Legs Lost
John Tyson1700001
Leanne Tyson2290001
Simon Coleman7120100
Stephen Coleman3070100
Jason Neal3290100
Legs Won
Legs Drawn
Legs Lost