Masters VII – Qualification

To make it clearer for all, Masters VII qualification tables will only show those players that have confirmed they wish to enter the event. Once registered, your name will be added to the Qualification table.

N.B. Please ensure that the Northants Masters from 2019 also confirm entry into the event.

Masters RankPlayer NameNumber of WinsWins RankLeague AverageAverage RankCombined Masters ScoreProvisional Masters Division
1Jason Neal91931511Premier (defending Premier Division Master)
2Andy Chambers82719843Premier
3Damian Coates82661053.5Premier
4Stephen Coleman76835834.5Premier
5Stewart Greenaway76489876.5Premier
6Dunc Harris764136108Premier
7Martin Atwill7631371812Premier
8John Tyson61439131012Premier
9Andy Jarvie61425432318.5Division 1
10Lorin Clough42732481722Division 1
11Jon Coe52023802723.5Division 1
12Aidan Coe52018553125.5Division 1
13Nick Faulkner52014704231Division 1
14Alan Taylor42717183732Division 1
15Mary Leeming33417503534.5Division 1
16Ian Underwood33216833835Division 1
17Martyn Neal42713424636.5Division 2
18Iestyn Pocock33414854137.5Division 2
19Sandy Thomson33414134539.5Division 2
20Tony Britten4278635842.5Division 2
21Stuart Adams15316003946Division 2
22Darren Woodward15313184750Division 2
23Keith Thomson2443036655Division 2
24Ted Dunkley06206764.5Division 2