10th Northants Open

the 10th northants open

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a warm welcome back to the cock hotel

The 10th Northants Open

Date 22nd November 2020


We loved being able to welcome players from across the country to this most popular Bar Billiards event. After a resounding display of consistency, our new champion is none other than Northants’ own Jason Neal. We are thrilled to congratulate him for his fantastic performance and delighted to have seen such a great competition.

Due to the current outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, it may not be possible to hold this event on it’s original date. We will be looking at our options in the coming days and will notify all entrants as soon as a decision is taken. In the meantime, entry to this event has been frozen.

Entries to date

Entry No. Player Name County Paid Y/N Entry No. Player Name County Paid Y/N
1 Jason Neal Northants FOC 33 Andy Jarvie Northants N
2 Mark Trafford Oxon Y 34 Gary Tipping Northants N
3 Lorin Clough Northants Y 35 Martin Cole Sussex N
4 Simon Coleman Northants N 36 Joe Foxon Notts Y
5 Michelle Coleman Northants N 37 Stuart Carruthers Sussex Y
6 Phil Osborne Sussex Y 38 Jim Millward Sussex N
7 Colin Southouse Sussex Y 39 Heather Millward Sussex N
8 Tony Jenner Sussex Y 40 Andy Skinner Oxon N
9 James Whittle Sussex Y 41 Pete Soanes Oxon N
10 Curt Driver Kent Y 42 Steven Sheard Oxon N
11 Gerry Fitzjohn Kent Y 43 Norm Reynolds Northants N
12 Mark Brewster Kent Y 44 Joe Elleson Surrey N
13 Mary Leeming Northants Y 45 Peter Sainsbury Kent N
14 Joe Oakley Sussex N 46 Richard Corbould Kent N
15 Matt Knight Sussex N 47 Ian Lelliott Sussex Y
16 Nigel Senior Sussex N 48 Cliff Slade Bucks N
17 Damian Coates Northants N 49 Keith Sheard Oxon N
18 Pauline Withey Oxon N 50 Martin Smith Sussex N
19 Stephen Coleman Northants N 51 Sid Ponting Oxon N
20 Phil Griffin Notts N 52 Mark James Sussex Y
21 Ian Moss Oxon N 53 John Slee Surrey Y
22 Lewis Stratford Oxon N 54 Jim Balchin Surrey Y
23 Kevin Tunstall Sussex N 55 Adam Gunn Northants N
24 Dunc Harris Northants N 56 Karl Brown Northants N
25 Trish Coates Northants N 57 Bob Hall Sussex N
26 John Tyson Northants N 58 Jim Greensted Sussex Y
27 Rob Scarrott Northants N 59 Dawn Jordan Bucks N
28 Tony Britten Northants N 60 Ernie Jordan Bucks N
29 Matt Jones Bucks N 61 Michelle Baden Sussex N
30 Keith Thomson Northants N 62 Geoff Jukes Surrey N
31 Jim Thomson Northants N
32 Alan Taylor Northants N

10th northants open draw

The draw will take place on Sunday 25th October 2020

Matches will start in…….


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