Summer League 2023 Team Registration

it’s time for Summer Bar Billiards!!

For 2023, the league will once again play an ‘Alternate Rules’ or ‘Triangle’ format where there is no need for handicaps. The full triangle rules are noted below but in principle the game commences with 6 white balls placed in a triangle with the lead ball marked by a spot which shall be placed 14cm directly behind the 100 hole. All shots shall be played from the spot.

Match nights will consist of three single legs games and one pairs game and points will be awarded for leg wins with a bonus for a match win by legs and/or aggregate score.

The league will commence on Monday 26th June with teams likely to be split into two leagues. Each team will play the others in their league home and away. More details will be included below once the number of teams is set.

Closing date for registrations is Friday 2nd June 2023

Please use the form below to register yourself or your team.

Summer League 2023 - Team Registration

Player Registration (where no current team)


Alternate (Triangle) Rules:

When “Triangles” version used: 

1. The break position for this variation is to play a ball from the centre of the ‘D’ to hit a triangle of six white balls. 

2. The triangle of balls is to be placed on the centre line between the 100 hole and the 10 hole, lead ball nearest the 100 hole, with its centre 14cm from the centre of the 100 hole. 

3. If a player pots all available balls on the table, a new triangle shall be formed and play shall commence as at the beginning of the game. The break score compiled to that point shall be banked and recorded on the scoreboard. The scorer shall then start counting from zero.

4. Any foul committed shall only apply to the current break.

5. Should insufficient balls be available to fill the triangle after the bar has dropped, the triangle will be built row by row from the front and right hand side. 

6. All shots to be played ‘off-the-spot’ from the centre of the ‘D’. 

7. The black skittle will only count as a white for this competition, except for the ‘last ball shot’.

8. All legs shall be played as ‘chase the break’ with the home side having first break in legs 1 and 4. The away team shall have the first break in legs 2 and 3.