Being a Host Venue

Meeting the Midweek Revenue Challenge

There are a number of initiatives that you may deploy to drive midweek custom, from live music or midweek menus through to televised sports. Nothing, however, offers the level of revenue certainty that a regular host team can provide. With a guaranteed minimum of thirty match nights per season – in our case Mondays and a number of Thursdays too – it is a powerful way to drive midweek income.

No rental charge for Bar Billiards Tables

Unlike with pool table suppliers, Northants Bar Billiards will provide a table for team and general use to host venues completely free of charge. Hosts are required only to be careful custodians of these antique tables to ensure the playing quality for league and competition use and to add them to insurance policies to protect them in the event of significant damage. Proceeds from table use are split between Northants Bar Billiards and the host venue.

Your commitment to us

All we ask of you is to work with us to build and look after a team or two to represent your establishment. Each table can accommodate two teams but starting with one committed group of players is the very best way to begin. The Northants League is proud to boast a high proportion of women players within it’s membership and new members are always welcome.


Next Steps…

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