Ranking Points

The Northants League Ranking Points system was adopted to reward all players for every leg of competitive Billiards that is played during the Winter Season. It includes League matches, Team Cups, Individual and Pairs Knockout competitions as well as The Northants Masters, Northants Open and the Jim Wilson Memorial Bar Billiards events.

Please continue to send through all match and leg scores from every competitive game you play so that your Ranking Points can be correctly calculated.

The full system is based on a rolling two-year Ranking Points tally and so in the season 2021/22 all points earned are added to the very limited 2020/21 accumulation and replace those earned in the 19/20 season which expire as the weeks go by.

2022/23 Ranking Points Table – 13th August 2022

RankPlayer NameTeam20/21 total c/f21/22 Total22/23 League Total22/23 Cups Total22/23 Comps Total2023 Jim Wilson Total2023 Northants Open2023 Masters Total22/23 TotalGrand Total
1Simon ColemanCarlsberg Club 'A'16195.533214.5
2Jason NealCarlsberg Club 'A'29.5133.522165
3Damian CoatesRushden Cons3.5134.7522140.25
4Stephen ColemanCarlsberg Club 'A'8.5116.500125
5Andy ChambersRushden Cons117.52.52.5120
6John TysonCarlsberg Club 'A'3.7593.751193.75
7Chas PeelRushden Cons80.580.5
8Dave SadlerThe Cock 'A'61.561.5
9Martin AtwillHeadlanders5757
10Gary TippingSaints5656
11Aidan CoeHeadlanders55.555.5
12Dunc HarrisRed Lion 'A'4.2550.2554.5
13Stew GreenawayRushden Cons5252
14Jim ThomsonThe Cock 'A'51.7551.75
15Dave EvansStorm42.542.5
16Rob ScarrottThe Cock 'A'41.541.5
17Matthew ThomsonStorm4141
18Tony BrittenThe Cock 'A'38.7538.75
19Leigh HolmesRed Lion 'A'3737
20Mark DickersonThe Cock 'A'2.53436.5
21Phill YorkThe Cock 'C'34.2534.25
22Jon CoeStorm3434
23=Mick HaynesHeadlanders33.533.5
23=Mary LeemingThe Cock 'A'132.533.5
25Richard BotterillHeadlanders3333
26Ian JellisRed Lion 'A'32.7532.75
27Keith ThomsonThe Cock 'C'0.7531.2532
28Kev AyresStorm31.531.5
29Ian UnderwoodRed Lion 'B'3131
30Mark BursnollThe Cock 'C'3030
31Jim SmithRushden Cons26.526.5
32Martyn NealRed Lion 'A'24.524.5
33Rob BurtonRed Lion 'B'23.523.5
34Alan TaylorSaints23.2523.25
35Dave TippingSaints21.521.5
36=Karl BrownRose & Crown2121
36=Steve FosterCarlsberg Cobblers2121
38Nick FaulknerStorm2020
39Colin UnderwoodRed Lion 'B'19.519.5
40Leanne TysonCarlsberg Club 'A'18.7518.75
41Iestyn PocockCarlsberg Cobblers17.517.5
42=Darren WoodwardRed Lion 'B'15.7515.75
42=Lorin Clough7.58.2515.75
44Ben FosterCarlsberg Cobblers14.514.5
45Matt BruntCarlsberg Cobblers13.513.5
46Alan TarryThe Cock 'C'1313
47Karen TippingSaints12.7512.75
48Andrew JarvieRed Lion 'B'12.512.5
49=Al HumphriesCarlsberg Cobblers11.511.5
49=Shaun ThomsonThe Cock 'C'11.511.5
51Sandy ThomsonThe Cock 'C'11.2511.25
52Norm ReynoldsRed Lion 'A'1111
53Trevor EatonRushden Cons99
54Adam GunnRed Lion 'B'8.258.25
55Nicole McLeanHeadlanders88
56Stuart AdamsRed Lion 'B'4.754.75
57Michelle ColemanCarlsberg Club 'A'4.54.5
58John WilsonStorm2.52.5
59=Liz Scarrott1.51.5
59=Sean Getty1.51.5
59=Paul BoardmanSaints1.51.5
62Anya MetcalfeThe Cock 'C'1.251.25
63=Chris BrewerSaints11
63=Chris RussellCarlsberg Cobblers11
65=Cliff MarshallRed Lion 'B'0.50.5
65=Roger TiplerHeadlanders0.50.5
65=Ruth TaylorSaints0.50.5
68Stevie Anscombe0.250.25
69=Pete CarrRed Lion 'B'00
69=Simon BadcockSaints00
69=Steve OramRed Lion 'A'0