Quiz Night 2019



Northants Bar Billiards

Quiz Night


This year’s important and enjoyable fundraising event will be held on Friday 22nd November 2019 and will once again be hosted at Moulton WMC.

As you will see from the promo above we are making some significant changes to the event which we are sure you’ll love.

This year we want to ensure teams are equal in size and so will be limited to a maximum of five players. We will also be limiting the number of teams to 9 so make sure you register early to avoid disappointment. Entry is £5 per team and we expect to have some great prizes to be won along with the prestigious Simon Millward Memorial Shield for the winning team.

Whether you are an experienced quizzer or just there for the fun of it – you are sure to have a great evening.

Please register your team below:

Registered Teams

Team Name:

Cardigan ‘A’

Team Name:

Cardigan ‘B’

Team Name: Thick as Two Short Planks
Michelle Coleman (Capt) Leanne Tyson (Capt) Jim Thomson (Capt)
Simon Coleman John Tyson Sue Thomson
Jason Neal Stephen Coleman John Merrick
Vicki Warwick Steph Pulley Andy Monk
Team Name: Ton’s Team Team Name: Psychotic Pigeons Team Name: Red Lion Upstarts
Tony Britten (Capt) Jason Dunkley (Capt) Annette Alsop (Capt)
Linda Pamplin Lisa Dunkley Dunc Harris
TBC Lilly Dunkley Jenny Neal
TBC Lauren Dunkley Martyn Neal
Team Name: Mary’s Motley Crew Team Name: Team Name:
Mary Leeming (Capt)
Doug Doyle