Week three pitched two of the most progressive teams in the league against each other. Bang on point in the equality and inclusivity stakes; if not well matched in terms of skill ‘en table’; The Becket hosted The Cardigan. Some may simply look at the 0-5 scoreline and be done with it. And after all, points do win prizes; but this was a bit closer than the total rogering of the home side might suggest. There’s the table too, of course. Some say it’s our 6th player. But that would be churlish really. Besides, Ray Crawford hates it with a passion that is normally reserved for the hatred of Ryanair! Struggling against a determined John Tyson in the first game; Ray came off second best. John worked his way to 2,750 – respectable. Game two saw the battle of the juniors. And Theo was right up there with a chance of an upset until the final few minutes. Stephen came away a few under 2k, but as he said; a W is a W. Game three saw a rookie and, having last season brought the first Aussie to guest for the team, having already unveiled the youngest (in Theo) The Becketeers now proudly presented probably the shortest. And, let’s face it, if Mr Neal is not competing, then that honour is up for grabs! Aides Purchase has played just one competitive game – this one. And until Sophie Shambrook hit a break of about 800 he may well have snuck it. Possibly by accident! Aides is a compadre of Theo and has thus reduced the average age of the Becket team to about 21, I’m confident that he’ll stay with us. And believe me, he has the potential to be quite a player. Game four pitched the captains against each other. I’d mentioned to Simon that a decent player can score on any top – and ultimately he did! 3,840 – 4,430 in his favour, with his final break of 3,500+ sealing the deal. Good game despite being on the arse end of the result. My fault really, a smudge under 3k opening break wasn’t enough, was it! Finally Lenny Baynton. Chasing that elusive victory – he is seriously going to upset the form book one day soon – Lenny lost out to Michelle. A game of two breaks in a way, this one. Lenny lost one which would have doubled the score he finished with. Michelle kept hers! 540-950. A mention must go to the gourmet chef downstairs – the meatball pasta bake was pretty darn awesome! On we go to The Red Lion next week – taking advantage of a bye week cup-wise for both teams to play the fixture from the week after, which would have seen the Becket just two handed if we had left it be. And we struggle to get the points as it is!


Date Time Competition Season
10th October 2016 8:30 pm Winter League Winter 2016/17


St James WMC
Franklin Point, 27-29 Weedon Rd, Northampton NN5 5BE, UK


St Jimmy’s0Loss
The Cardigan Arms5Win

St Jimmy’s

Player Score Legs Won Legs Drawn Legs Lost
Ray Crawford930001
Theo Heley1100001
Aiden Purchase90001
Stevie Anscombe3840001
Lenny Baynton540001

The Cardigan Arms

Player Score Legs Won Legs Drawn Legs Lost
John Tyson2750100
Stephen Coleman1730100
Sophie Shambrook1440100
Simon Coleman4430100
Michelle Coleman950100
Legs Won
Legs Drawn
Legs Lost