It is rare that a team loses a match 4-1 and yet both teams end the night feeling positive – but nevertheless that’s how events transpired at Rushden this week. Andy’s faltering season continued even though he secured yet another win. Martyn put in his best performance of the season and had he kept all of the points he scored this would have been a very close encounter. Much to be satisfied with from Martyn’s perspective – however, the point goes to Andy. Norm started the second looking confident and amassed a useful lead. Even with five minutes to go Norm was still ahead but Jim never looked unduly concerned and his new found confidence proved that only one good chance was required. Eventually that chance came and he eased passed Norm with a 3k+ break to close it out. The hosts were 2-0 up as expected, but nevertheless the Division 2 visitors were still fighting hard. Dunc started the third game looking to land a blow for The Lion – again, some impressive play saw him build a useful score. Two useful breaks from Damo ensured that he overpowered Dunc but a 3,500 score will only see Dunc lose a very small handful of games this season. Chas started the fourth against Red Lion captain, Lorin. He knew that he needed to start well but made a mistake at 1,500 to let Lorin in. Lorin quickly got the break back and proceeded to put in a 4k break. Chas did not respond quickly enough and gave Lorin further chances to extend his lead. That said, Chas made an impressive 4k or so at the end to compile a losing score of nearly 5k – which would ordinarily win 90%+ of games in this league. So, with that it was down to Andy to try to rescue a further leg for the visitors, however, a combination of putting thew break down four times, along with being too eager by losing a decent break for playing a ball before the preceding ball had dropped down it’s hole, ensured Andy would struggle. Stew always looked in control and eased to another win for his new side. Rushden’s title tilt is absolutely back on!


Date Time Competition Season
16th January 2017 8:30 pm Winter League Winter 2016/17


Rushden Conservative Club
48 High St S, Rushden NN10 0QX, UK


Rushden Cons4Win
The Red Lion ‘A’1Loss

Rushden Cons

Player Score Legs Won Legs Drawn Legs Lost
Andy Chambers2450100
Jim Smith3650100
Damian Coates7000100
Chas Peel4980001
Stewart Greenaway3860100

The Red Lion ‘A’

Player Score Legs Won Legs Drawn Legs Lost
Martyn Neal1340001
Norm Reynolds2680001
Dunc Harris3500001
Lorin Clough8470100
Andy Jarvie810001
Legs Won
Legs Drawn
Legs Lost