Masters VIII – Qualification

To make it clearer for all, Masters VIII qualification tables will only show those players that have confirmed they wish to enter the event. Once registered, your name will be added to the Qualification table.

Updated 20th march 2023

Masters RankPlayer NameNumber of WinsWins RankLeague AverageAverage RankCombined Masters ScoreProvisional Masters Division
1Simon Coleman1638,43612Premier
2Andy Chambers1727,79522Premier
3Damian Coates1816,96542.5Premier
4Jason Neal1445,97854.5Premier
5Stephen Coleman1174,76766.5Premier
7Stewart Greenaway1443,203149Premier
8Dave Sadler1173,544129.5Premier
9Tony Britten1173,2881310Division 1
10John Tyson10164,281711.5Division 1
13Rob Burton9203,7691015Division 1
14Jim Thomson1172,7762315Division 1
15Jon Coe9203,6981115.5Division 1
16Matthew Thomson1262,7112515.5Division 1
17Dave Evans1172,4082918Division 1
18Kevin Ayres10162,8502118.5Division 2
20Keith Thomson1172,2383119Division 2
21Rob Scarrott8253,0751620.5Division 2
23Aidan Coe7293,1961522Division 2
24Dunc Harris8252,9961922Division 2
26Ian Underwood10162,0483324.5Division 2
27Colin Underwood1171,6964224.5Division 3
30Martin Atwill7292,7492426.5Division 3
31Gary Tipping7292,6932728Division 3
32Karl Brown7292,4712828.5Division 3
34Alan Taylor7291,9393532Division 3
36Phill York6352,0743233.5Division 3
40Iestyn Pocock7291,3854939Division 3
43Dawn Dunkley4421,8003940.5Division 4
44Mary Leeming5361,5064641Division 2
46Darren Woodwood2471,6684345Division 4
50Dave Tipping1501,1075050Division 4
52Karen Tipping0549655152.5Division 4
55Dale Billing0547555353.5Division 4
57Roger Tipler0547005554.5Division 4
61Sandy Thomson0546465755.5Division 4