Masters VI

The Northants Masters VI

Qualification for the Northants Masters VI is well underway and the current Premier Division Master, Jason Neal, will be looking to defend his hard earned title. The other Masters from 2018 were Richard Botterill, Matthew Thomson, Stewart Greenaway, Phil York, and Dunc Harris – all of whom are guaranteed promotion to a tougher test next year – are relishing the challenges that The Masters, rather uniquely, brings.

With each year this competition gets ever more popular – and we hope that we can repeat or better last year’s entry numbers.

Northants Masters VI – Qualification

The current Northants Masters VI qualifying positions are as follows:

Masters RankPlayer NameNumber of WinsWins RankLeague AverageAverage RankCombined Masters ScoreProvisional Masters Division
55Ashley Kelly15711505455.5
43Kevin Ross44718104144
46Ian Underwood54313814845.5Division 4
66Theo Heley0646006464
66Terry Folley0635086463.5
54Stuart Adams25411155655Division 5
62Sonya Harvey06411305559.5
49Michelle Coleman15718403948
58Sean Getty06411955258
51Chris Russell44713965048.5
59Lenny Baynton2.5536136358
65Trevor Eaton15706862.5
50Andy Roberts34915084748
60Aiden Purchase1579906058.5
42Al Humphries54316194443.5
48Steve Foster34915974547
35Leanne Tyson73524463233.5
39Matt Brunt73516414339
27Mick Haynes101925632924
20Jim Smith101930372220.5
34Mark Bursnoll82919183733
57Roger Tipler25410585856Division 5
56Dave Tipping25410785755.5Division 5
61Beckah Thomson1579736159Division 5
12Dunc Harris111536581213.5Division 1 (guaranteed at least Division 4)
64Sandy Thomson1574966561Division 5
36Andy Jarvie5.54225133036Division 4
45Karen Tipping34917964245.5Division 4
44Chris Brewer54315934644.5Division 4
28Iestyn Pocock111520643625.5Division 3
67David Wilton0644806665
53Ted Dunkley34912485150Division 5
69Shaun Thomson06406866Division 5
40Phil York82914794939Division 3 (guaranteed at least Division 3)
52Dawn Dunkley63810515948.5Division 5
31Martyn Neal82926772728Division 3
38Alan Taylor73518583836.5Division 4
21Keith Thomson111527182620.5Division 2
18Kevin Ayres111531972017.5Division 2
47Alan Tarry63811815345.5Division 4
25Ian Jellis92531122123Division 2
30Rob Scarrott63833551727.5Division 3
21Mary Leeming13823103320.5Division 2
16Stewart Greenaway13829442416Division 2 (guaranteed at least Division 2)
29Stevie Anscombe92525732826.5Division 3
32Gary Tipping82924583130Division 3
41Jon Coe54318334041.5Division 4
23Nick Faulkner101929462321Division 2
37Tony Britten63822223436Division 4
19Jason Dunkley121228402518.5Division 2
6Martin Atwill173406385.5Premier
24Matthew Thomson92533491821.5Division 1 (guaranteed at least Division 1)
33Mark Dickerson82921943532Division 3
17Leigh Holmes101934371416.5Division 2
11Chas Peel121234911312.5Division 1
8Jim Thomson1212407879.5Division 1
13Richard Botterill101937041014.5Premier (guaranteed Premier)
26Norm Reynolds82932291924Division 3
14Ben Foster101936801115Division 1
10Dave Evans13834261511.5Division 1
2Stephen Coleman181686142Premier
1Andy Chambers181780021.5Premier
4Lorin Clough146811613.5Premier
9Dave Sadler14634251611Division 1
7John Tyson138399098.5Premier
3Damian Coates173717533Premier
5Jason Neal173641654Premier (defending Premier Division Master)
14Simon Coleman9245788615Division 1