Dream Team 2018

Northants Bar Billiards League is proud to continually innovate – and this year is no exception. For the Winter 2018/19 season we are delighted to bring you Dream Team – your chance to pick your favourite players and score points based on their performances.

transfer window – CLOSED

With a quarter of the season completed the first Transfer Window has now closed.

The next transfer window will be at the end of January and players can take this opportunity to further shake up their selections – trade in those who are costing you points and try to secure the services of those who will make an all important difference to your league position.

You are limited to three changes only. This means that you can change your chosen team and two players – or retain your selected team and change three players. You do not have to make three changes – you can make fewer than that if you wish. After your changes have been made your line-up must still consist of one team and five players.


You were originally allocated a budget of £50m to spend’s on your Dream Team – but times change and player values fluctuate based on their performances. As such you will notice some differences. All teams have been maintained at their original values, but player values have been modified. This will impact your budget!

For any player you choose to sell, you will receive their TFW1 market value (whether that is higher or lower). For players you choose to buy, this will also be at their TFW1 market value. It is entirely possible that your team value has increased over the last 9 weeks and therefore you will benefit from that increase. Alternatively, if your team has lost value you will be subject to that reduced budget.

To make your changes simply complete and submit the form below by midnight on Sunday 2nd December. If there are any queries or you make invalid choices you will be contacted by the Dream Team administrators.

PLayer value changes – ahead of Transfer Window 1

You can view all player value changes in the table below:

TeamPlayer NameOriginal ValueTFW1 ValueDifference
Red Lion 'B'Terry FolleyNot Available£0.25m£0
Rushden ConsPaul Jones£0.5m£0.75m+£0.25m
Red Lion 'B'Richard Gordon£0.5m£0.5m£0m
StormJohn Wilson£0.5m£0.75m+£0.25m
St Jimmy'sLenny Baynton£0.5m£0.9m+£0.4m
Red Lion 'B'Sonya Harvey£0.5m£1.0m+£0.5m
Red Lion 'B'Andy Ellson£0.5m£1.0m (must be sold - not available for purchase)+£0.5m
St Jimmy'sBeckah Thomson£1.5m£1.05m-£0.45m
The Cardigan ArmsMichelle Coleman£2.0m£1.1m-£0.9m
St Jimmy'sTheo Heley£2.5m£1.2m-£1.3m
Rushden ConsTrevor Eaton£4.0m£1.6m-£2.4m
St Jimy'sRoger Tipler£0.5m£1.8m+£1.3m
The Cock 'C'Sandy Thomson£2.5m£2.15m-£0.35m
St Jimmy'sAiden Purchase£1.0m£2.2m+£1.2m
Red Lion 'B'Stuart Adams£0.5m£2.5m+£2.0m
St Jimmy'sSean Getty£3.5m£2.5m-£1.0m
St Jimmy'sAndy Roberts£0.5m£2.7m+£2.2m
Red Lion 'B'Ian UnderwoodNot available£1.0m£0
The Cock 'C'Mark Bursnoll£0.5m£5.10m+£4.6m
The Cock 'C'Shaun Thomson£7.5m£5.1m (must be sold - not available for purchase)-£2.4m
HeadlandersTed Dunkley£7.0m£5.15m-£1.85m
HeadlandersDawn Dunkley£6.5m£6.25m-£0.25m
Red Lion 'A'Martyn Neal£7.0m£7.1m+£0.1m
Red Lion 'A'Dunc Harris£5.5m£7.35m+£1.85m
The Cock 'C'Alan Tarry£7.5m£7.35m-£0.15m
The Cardigan ArmsLeanne Tyson£7.5m£7.5m£0
Red Lion 'A'Ian Jellis£8.5m£7.5m-£1.0m
The Cock 'C'Phil York£7.5m£7.8m+£0.3m
StormJon Coe£10.5m£7.9m-£2.6m
HeadlandersKevin Ross£7.0m£7.95m (must be sold - not available for purchase)+£0.95m
HeadlandersRichard Botterill£10.5m£8.5m-£2.0m
Red Lion 'A'Leigh Holmes£10.0m£8.55m-£1.45m
Red Lion 'B'Andy Jarvie£5.5m£8.7m+£3.2m
The Cock 'C'Keith Thomson£7.5m£8.8m+£1.3m
St Jimmy'sStevie Anscombe£10.5m£8.85m-£1.65m
StormKevin Ayres£9.0m£9.5m+£0.5m
Red Lion 'A'Norm Reynolds£11.5m£9.7m-£1.8m
Rushden ConsJim Smith£6.0m£9.8m+£3.8m
StormMatthew Thomson£11.0m£10.0m-£1.0m
The Cock 'C'Nick Faulkner£9.5m£11.0m+£1.5m
HeadlandersMick Haynes£10.5m£11.15m+£0.65m
Rushden ConsStewart Greenaway£10.0m£11.9m+£1.9m
The Cardigan ArmsSimon Coleman£15.0m£12.0m-£3.0m
StormJason Dunkley£12.0m£12.25m+£0.25m
Red Lion 'B'Lorin Clough£14.0m£14.8m+£0.8m
Rushden ConsChas Peel£12.5m£12.85m+£0.35m
Rushden ConsDamian Coates£14.0m£12.75m-£1.25m
HeadlandersMartin Atwill£11.5m£13.05m+£1.55
The Cardigan ArmsJohn Tyson£13.5m£13.25m-£0.25m
The Cardigan ArmsJason Neal£14.5m£13.4m-£1.1m
StormDave Evans£12.5m£13.6m+£1.1m
The Cardigan ArmsStephen Coleman£13.0m£14.0m+£1.0m
Rushden ConsAndy Chambers£14.5m£15.25m+£0.75m
The Cock 'A'Rob Scarrott£9.0m£6.1m£2.9m
The Cock 'A'Tony Britten£11.5m£9.75m-£1.75m
The Cock 'A'Mary Leeming£9.5m£10.05m+£0.55m
The Cock 'A'Mark Dickerson£11.0m£12.3m+£1.3m
The Cock 'A'Dave Sadler£13.5m£12.7m-£0.8m
The Cock 'A'Jim Thomson£12.5m£13.6m+£1.1m
C&A SaintsDave Tipping£2.0m£1.95m-£0.05m
C&A SaintsDavid Wilton£6.0m£4.45m-£1.55m
C&A SaintsChris Brewer£5.0m£6.2m+£1.2m
C&A SaintsAlan Taylor£8.0m£7.65m-£0.35m
C&A SaintsKaren Tipping (nee Biseker)£8.5m£7.95m-£0.55m
C&A SaintsGary Tipping£10.0m£10.1m+£0.1m
C&A CobblersChris Russell£1.5m£1.7m+£0.2m
C&A CobblersAl Humphries£3.0m£3.6m+£0.6m
C&A CobblersMatt Brunt£6.0m£5.1m-£0.9m
C&A CobblersSteve Foster£6.0m£5.8m-£0.2m
C&A CobblersIestyn Pocock£6.0m£8.9m+£2.9m
C&A CobblersBen Foster£12.0m£12.3m+£0.3m

The Rules

Not unlike a fantasy football league, you have been given a generous budget of £50m and you can spend it on one team and five players. They will be awarded points as follows:

Team Points Awarded / (Lost) Player Points Awarded / (Lost)
Team Win 10
Team Loss (5)
Team Reaches Semi Final Cup 2.5 (Multiplied by last season finishing position)
Team Reaches Final of Cup 5 (Multiplied by last season finishing position)
Team Wins Cup 7.5 (Multiplied by last season finishing position)
Player Leg Win 2
Player Leg Loss (2)
Player Leg Draw 0
Player Aggregate Score 1000-2990 1
Player Aggregate Score 3000-4990 2
Player Aggregate Score 5000 – 6990 4
Player Aggregate Score 7000 – 8990 6
Player Aggregate Score 9000 – 10990 8
Player Aggregate Score 11000 – 12990 10
Player Aggregate Score 13000+ 12
Player scores less than average for last season (0.5 point per 1k)
Player receives MOTM 5
Pairs Matches – all points are awarded as above subject to 50% rate

The first Transfer Window will open on the 27th November and will remain open until the 30th November. You may transfer out some of your underperforming selections and transfer in those who you feel will add points to your team – but remember, whilst your budget remains fixed at £50m some player and team values will change to reflect their performances so far this season.

More details will be posted soon!