AGM 2019 & Poll Results

URGENT – Your voice has been heard

Many thanks for casting your votes – you overwhelmingly requested a delay and so it shall be! I will post a new date here later today. Thanks.

The 2019 Annual General Meeting – 29th October 2019

This meeting will be held on Tuesday 29th October at Moulton WMC – and it is as important as ever that you attend if you possibly can. There are plenty of areas where we can improve our offering for players and venues alike – why not attend to offer your insight into how we can do better.

The deadline to submit your proposals for the AGM discussion has now passed, but we’d value your opinion when we make our decisions.

Please see the AGM Booklet on the Committee page here.

We also asked you some questions regarding potential changes – thanks to those who responded. This is what you said:

Question 1 – In an attempt to benefit new players would you like to see the leagues split so that Division 1 teams only play other Division 1 teams (and likewise for Division 2 teams) during the league campaign? You said:

Question 2 – In order to provide even more accuracy to Masters qualification, would you like to see an additional dynamic included based on a player’s ranking? You said:

Question 3 – Would you like to see League matches start at 8pm? You said:

Question 4 – Should opposing teams get the opportunity to practice on an away table prior to the match? You said:

Many thanks for participating in this poll.