Summer League 2018

it’s time to choose!!!

For this year’s Summer League it has been suggested that we offer a change to the format so that teams may choose what is played this summer. We could choose to retain the same format or play something a little different.

Handicap format

There are strengths and weaknesses to the ‘handicap’ format that we have used in recent years. Some say that it helps ‘level the playing field’ between the top players and the rest of us. Other say that it just encourages the top players to stay on the table for longer as they start with such large handicap disadvantages. What is your view?

4-Pin – no handicaps

Northants has hosted a national 4-Pin event for the last few years and it has been a huge success with both visitors and local players. It is an entirely different format to our regular play and is a great ‘leveller’ and so using this format would not require a handicap system. All players will start from the same ‘zero’ score. A number of players have suggested this as an option because it will ensure a competitive league for the summer. Others have concerns as the Summer League was originally intended to recruit new players and give them a more gentle introduction to the game and the league ahead of more committed ‘winter’ play. What do you think?

3-Pin – Alternate rules

Another option is to utilise the AEBBA’s Alternative rules format. This is a standard 3-Pin game (so it will be good for newcomers) but played ‘Off the Spot’. In addition, there are no breaks. Play commences with 6 white balls formed into a triangle between the 100 and the 10 holes. Players will then play off the spot in the normal manner to seek to score as many points as possible. All of the standard rules apply at this stage. However, if a player clears the table, instead of playing the break shots followed by the ‘one-up’ – the balls will once again be formed into a triangle and play proceeds from this point. Even at a national level this format throws up some pretty even results and so may deliver a highly competitive (yet fun) format. What do you say?

The Summer League is due to commence on Monday 14th May and so I’d like to run a poll now in order to understand what people would like to do. Please let me know your thoughts and we will create the league from there.

Please could you also register your team so that we can assess the number of weeks required to complete the league. Whichever format is selected – teams shall only need to consist of 4 players.

Summer League 2018 - Team Registration