9th Northants Open

the 9th northants open

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a warm welcome back to the cock hotel

The 9th Northants Open

19th May 2019

We are looking forward to welcoming players from across the country to this most popular Bar Billiards event. After a resounding display of consistency, last year’s champion, Mark Brewster will be looking for back to back titles although the competition will be as challenging as ever.

Entry for this event has been fixed at 2018 prices despite rising costs in an effort to ensure as many entries as possible – we want to do even better than last year and make this the best 3-Pin Open on the circuit.

There are still some exciting sponsorship opportunities available – please contact us on admin@northantsbarbilliards.com for further details.

Why not complete your entry now to ensure your place in the competition and you can pay now, via Paypal or by sending a cheque.

Entry Form

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List oF entries

Entry No. Player Name County Entry Fee Rec’d Entry No. Player Name County Entry Fee Rec’d
1 Simon Coleman Northants Yes 37 Rob Scarrott Northants No
2 Ian Lelliott Sussex Yes 38 Jim Thomson Northants No
3 Stephen Coleman Northants Yes 39 Mark James Sussex No
4 Mary Leeming Northants Yes 40 Mark Dickerson Northants No
5 Lorin Clough Northants Yes 41 Joe Elleson Surrey Yes
6 Curt Driver Kent Yes 42 Ernie Jordan Bucks No
7 Gerry Fitzjohn Kent Yes 43 Dawn Jordan Bucks No
8 Mark Brewster Kent FOC 44 Cliff Slade Bucks No
9 Tony Brown Kent Yes 45 Matt Jones Bucks No
10 John Tyson Northants Yes 46 John Slee Surrey No
11 Philip Osborne Sussex Yes 47 Jim Balchin Surrey No
12 Colin Southouse Sussex Yes 48 Stevie Anscombe Northants No
13 Jason Neal Northants No 49 Martin Smith Sussex No
14 Keith Thomson Northants No 50 Stu Carruthers Sussex Yes
15 Damian Coates Northants No 51 Dave Evans Northants No
16 Tony Jenner Sussex Yes 52 Norm Reynolds Northants No
17 Tony Willis Oxon Yes 53 Stew Greenaway Northants No
18 Jon Bamsey Oxon Yes 54 Jeff Bridges Suffolk No
19 Phil Griffin Notts Yes 55 Mark Trafford Oxon No
20 Gary Tipping Northants Yes 56 Keith Sheard Oxon Yes
21 Trish Wilson-Coates Northants No 57 Steven Sheard Oxon Yes
22 Bob Hall Sussex Yes 58 Jim Corrigan Northants Yes
23 Nigel Senior Sussex No 59 James Whittle Sussex No
24 Michelle Baden Sussex No 60 Ian Jellis Northants No
25 Joe Oakley Sussex No 61 Andy Skinner Oxon No
26 Matthew Knight Sussex No 62 Pete Soanes Oxon No
27 Alfie Millward Sussex No 63 Paul Sainsbury Kent Yes
28 Jim Millward Sussex No 64 Peter Sainsbury Kent Yes
29 Heather Millward Sussex No 65 Martin Cole Sussex No
30 Jeremy Fry Suffolk No 66 Lee Mason Cambs Yes
31 Dave Lillie Suffolk No 67
32 Steve Hale Suffolk No 68
33   Sid Ponting Oxon  No  69
Dunc Harris Northants No 70      
Ian Moss Oxon No 71      
Mark Dickerson Northants No 72      

competition draw

The full 2019 draw will be broadcast live from 8:30pm on Sunday 5th May and posted here shortly afterwards.

Northants Open 2019

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