Masters V

The Northants Masters V

The Northants Masters V is now well underway and current Premier Division Master, Simon Coleman, will be looking to defend his hard earned title. The other Masters from 2017 were Chas Peel, Jason Dunkley, Kevin Ayres and Shaun Thomson – all of whom are guaranteed promotion to a tougher test this year – are relishing the challenges that The Masters, rather uniquely, brings.

With each year this competition gets ever more popular – and to celebrate the fifth year of this event we are delighted that entries have increased enough to demand a Division 5.

Northants Masters V – Fixtures & TABLES

You can view the full fixture lists, results and tables below:

Premier Division Fixtures 2018

Division 1 Fixtures 2018

Division 2 Fixtures 2018

Division 3 Fixtures 2018

Division 4 Fixtures 2018

Division 5 Fixtures 2018


Northants Masters V – scorecard


Northants Masters V – Qualification

The final 2018 Northants Masters V qualifying positions were as follows:

Masters RankPlayer NameNumber of WinsWins RankLeague AverageAverage RankCombined Masters ScoreProvisional Masters Division
1Simon Coleman152834022Premier
2Jason Neal161734342.5Premier
3Damian Coates136741534.5Premier
4John Tyson144511154.5Premier
5Dave Sadler152413974.5Premier
6Lorin Clough129934015Premier
7Andy Chambers144419365Premier
8Stephen Coleman1293674108Division 1
9Dave Evans1111392389.5Division 1
10Ben Foster13630161611Division 1
11Norm Reynolds10153677912Division 1
12Richard Botterill111133911412.5Division 1
13Jim Thomson111129651714Division 1
14Chas Peel101531471515Premier
15Leigh Holmes92034741115.5Division 2
16Mark Dickerson101526502218.5Division 2
17Matthew Thomson111124632618.5Division 2
18Martin Atwill92029261819Division 2
19Jason Dunkley92028461919.5Division 1
21Tony Britten82734061320Division 2
22Nick Faulkner92027162120.5Division 2
23Jon Coe73134151221.5Division 2
24Gary Tipping92025292321.5Division 2
25Stevie Anscombe101522762922Division 3
28Stewart Greenaway92022343025Division 3
29Mary Leeming73127832025.5Division 3
31Rob Scarrott82721573129Division 3
33Ian Jellis63723002832.5Division 3
34Alan Tarry73118773633.5Division 3
35Kevin Ayres73118463734Division 2
36Keith Thomson73118343834.5Division 3
37Alan Taylor54121293236.5Division 4
38Martyn Neal73116944236.5Division 4
40Dawn Dunkley34520923339Division 4
41Phil York63717694139Division 4
42Shaun Thomson34519353439.5Division 3
43Ted Dunkley63714654641.5Division 4
45David Wilton54113744844.5Division 4
46Iestyn Pocock34514254746Division 4
48Chris Brewer44310585247.5Division 4
50Karen Biseker24910735150Division 5
51Andy Jarvie05916434351Division 5
56Sandy Thomson2494856155Division 5
57Dunc Harris2493606255.5Division 5
58Beckah Thomson1536635956Division 5
62Dave Tipping0597405858.5Division 5
63Roger Tipler05906361Division 5