Masters V

The Northants Masters V

Soon we shall see the start of The Northants Masters V and current Premier Division Master, Simon Coleman, will be looking to defend his hard earned title. The other Masters from 2017 were Chas Peel, Jason Dunkley, Kevin Ayres and Shaun Thomson – all of whom are guaranteed promotion to a tougher test this year!

With each year this competition gets ever more popular – as such we want to ensure that we have five full divisions and so the battle is now on to qualify in as high position as possible. As you will recall, qualification for ‘The Masters’ is based exclusively on league performances and full details can be found in the rule book.

The current qualifying positions are as follows (as at 12th December 2017):

Masters RankPlayer NameNumber of WinsWins RankLeague AverageAverage RankCombined Masters ScoreProvisional Masters Division
1Simon Coleman101951411Premier
2Jason Neal101672132Premier
3Lorin Clough93894422.5Premier
4Damian Coates93555543.5Premier
5Andy Chambers93391864.5Premier
6Dave Sadler93381775Premier
7John Tyson87456056Premier
8Dave Evans87377887.5Division 1
9Jim Thomson873527119Division 1
10Ben Foster8734741310Division 1
11Leigh Holmes71135001211.5Division 1
12Chas Peel71134121412.5Premier
14Tony Britten62035521015Division 1
15Nick Faulkner71129501915Division 1
16Matthew Thomson71128852015.5Division 1
17Martin Atwill71128102116Division 2
18Mark Dickerson71127932216.5Division 2
19Stephen Coleman62032661517.5Division 2
20Richard Botterill62032291618Division 2
21Gary Tipping62030201819Division 2
23Jason Dunkley62027872321.5Division 1
24Rob Scarrott71121243322Division 2
29Stewart Greenaway62022403226Division 2
30Jon Coe43631921726.5Division 3
31Alan Tarry62020753527.5Division 3
32Kevin Ayres53224132428Division 2
33Keith Thomson62018214130.5Division 3
34Mary Leeming53222583131.5Division 3
35Alan Taylor43623422832Division 3
36Ian Jellis43623002932.5Division 3
40David Wilton43617604339.5Division 3
41Shaun Thomson24319353740Division 3
42Phil York34117704241.5Division 4
43Martin Neal43612904741.5Division 4
45Ted Dunkley24315774544Division 4
48Karen Biseker24311605147Division 4
51Iestyn Pocock14911435250.5Division 4
61=Dave Tipping05506158Division 4
61=Dunc Harris05506158Division 4