Dream Team 2018

Northants Bar Billiards League is proud to continually innovate – and this year is no exception. For the Winter 2018/19 season we are delighted to bring you Dream Team – your chance to pick your favourite players and score points based on their performances.

Not unlike a fantasy football league, you have been given a generous budget of £50m and you can spend it on one team and five players. They will be awarded points as follows:

Team Points Awarded / (Lost) Player Points Awarded / (Lost)
Team Win 10
Team Loss (5)
Team Reaches Semi Final Cup 2.5 (Multiplied by last season finishing position)
Team Reaches Final of Cup 5 (Multiplied by last season finishing position)
Team Wins Cup 7.5 (Multiplied by last season finishing position)
Player Leg Win 2
Player Leg Loss (2)
Player Leg Draw 0
Player Aggregate Score 1000-2990 1
Player Aggregate Score 3000-4990 2
Player Aggregate Score 5000 – 6990 4
Player Aggregate Score 7000 – 8990 6
Player Aggregate Score 9000 – 10990 8
Player Aggregate Score 11000 – 12990 10
Player Aggregate Score 13000+ 12
Player scores less than average for last season (0.5 point per 1k)
Player receives MOTM 5
Pairs Matches – all points are awarded as above subject to 50% rate

Why not make your selections and compete in this event now!!

Northants Bar Billiards Dream Team Selection Form
Select only one team from those listed above. Team Points will count for league games and league competitions only where all teams are allowed to enter, so no closed competitions. (Winter League 2018 and Team Knockout)
Player Points will count for all open individual competitions (Winter League, Knockout, Individuals)
£ 0.00
Each player will have a budget allocation of £50m Each player shall select one team, and 5 players.