Summer League 2021



We’ve waited so long for this day – when we can really get started.

Finally, we think that we can. We can get playing again.

For the summer of 2021, the league will play an ‘Alternate Rules’ or ‘Triangle’ format which proved so successful a couple of years ago.

Ongoing restrictions mean that we must limit teams to three players per side with 3x singles matches and 1x pairs match making up a league evening. Of course, games will be observing social distancing where possible.

It is now intended that the league will commence on Monday 19th July with a Town & County League format. This will limit significant travel and will ensure that the league is completed in time to commence a more regular Winter League schedule at the end of September.

important information

All venues will impose safety protocols that must be adhered to at all times. These may differ from venue to venue and will take priority over the safety measure set out by Northants Bar Billiards, however, please read, understand and comply with the linked guidance from the league committee. You can access that guidance here.

Furthermore, be in no doubt that these are just a few tentative steps. Play will be stopped immediately should government guidance, local conditions or host venues dictate a change of approach. We will not put any member at undue risk.

Captains must ensure that only the selected team attend the venue – no non-playing team members will be permitted to attend matches.


Registered Teams

Summer League Teams

Red Lion 'A' Cock 'A' Rose & Crown Homeless FC
Martyn Neal (Capt) Jim Thomson (Capt.) Mark Dunn (Capt.) Simon Coleman (Capt.)
Dunc Harris Tony Britten Adam Gunn Jason Neal
Leigh Holmes Mary Leeming Rachel Dunn John Tyson
Ian Jellis Rob Scarrott Terry Folley Stephen Coleman
Karl Brown
Das Woodward
Cock 'B' Red Lion 'B' Cock 'C' Rushden Cons
Martin Atwill (Capt.) Andy Jarvie Keith Thomson (Capt.) Andy Chambers (Capt.)
Aiden Coe Rob Burton Sandy Thomson Damian Coates
Mark Dickerson Ian Underwood Phill York Jim Smith
Lorin Clough Mark Bursnoll Stew Greenaway
Chas Peel
Foundryman's Arms
Alan Taylor (Capt.)
Ruth Taylor
Gary Tipping
Chris Brewer
Karen Tipping
Paul Boardman