In a stunning upset – The Stirrup Cup ‘A’ made a statement of their intent to stay in Division 1 this year as they swept aside the champions Rushden Cons.

The first leg set the tone as Ian’s table time frustrated Damian into playing more recklessly than he would if he was not going through a lean patch by his own high standards. Ian played solidly and would have added a further 2k plus to his score had he kept everything he scored.

In leg two, neither Trev nor Lorin managed to keep a score after their opening visits to the table, however Lorin was first to get a sustained break and managed to bank a scrappy 5k. Trev could not get going and Lorin was offered further chances to add to his score and, with the leg secure, turn his attention to protecting his Masters Average.

With the visitors already under pressure having lost the opening two legs, Chas was able to put in a captain’s innings to start the recovery – he never looked in trouble, particularly after Martyn caught an unfortunate black peg.

Onto the fourth and Norm started with his trademark reverse breaks. Probably a sensible strategy given that the table was getting ever more difficult as the evening progressed. Andy grew frustrated quickly and seemed to find quirks in the table that affected both his game and his mental state. By the end he had all but given up on his game, as had his team given up on any residual challenge to runaway title leaders The Cardigan Arms. (It now seems likely that the championship will be theirs with a number of weeks to spare!) Back to the game, Norm did well to stay focused and land a fantastic result for the team.

The last leg saw former team-mates Leigh and Stewart face off. As with the previous games, the home player appeared considerably more settled from the outset while the visitors seemed to have exhausted their ideas pool – resorting to power shots in a bid to make something happen.

With Rushden’s title hopes all but over at the halfway stage of the season – the only positive of the evening fell in favour of the hosts who, whilst still rooted firmly to the bottom of the division, have managed to close the gap a little on their closest rivals.


Date Time Competition Season
20th November 2017 8:30 pm Winter League Winter 2017/18


The Stirrup Cup
30-42 Woodland Ave, Barton Seagrave, Kettering NN15, UK


The Stirrup Cup ‘A’4Win
Rushden Cons1Loss

The Stirrup Cup ‘A’

Player Score Legs Won Legs Drawn Legs Lost
Ian Jellis4300100
Lorin Clough9680100
Martyn Neal140001
Norm Reynolds4190100
Leigh Holmes5100100

Rushden Cons

Player Score Legs Won Legs Drawn Legs Lost
Damian Coates1920001
Trevor Eaton340001
Chas Peel3670100
Andy Chambers490001
Stewart Greenaway1060001
Legs Won
Legs Drawn
Legs Lost