Jim Wilson 2020

The Jim Wilson Memorial events are considered a flagship for our league. The combination of Mixed Pairs, Jim Wilson Knockout and Jim Wilson Plate tournaments make for a thrilling celebration of Bar Billiards in our league. The events will once again be hosted by Rob & Liz at The Cock, Northampton and will take place on Sunday 3rd May.

Entries are now being taken for these events so please complete the forms below to be sure of a place.

And this time for the mixed pairs:

Entries So Far

Entry No. Name Entry No. Name
1 Simon Coleman
2 Mary Leeming
3 Jason Neal
4 Andy Chambers
5 Chas Peel
6 Stew Greenaway
7 Alan Greenaway
8 Damian Coates
9 Jim Smith
10 Stephen Coleman
11 Lorin Clough
12 Trish Coates
13 Tony Britten
14 Linda Pamplin
Mixed Pairs Entries
Entry No. Player 1 Name Player 2 Name Entry No. Player 1 Name Player 2 Name
1 Mary Leeming Jason Neal
2 Lindsay Greenaway Stewart Greenaway
3 Michelle Coleman Simon Coleman
4 Dawn Dunkley Ted Dunkley
5 Linda Pamplin Tony Britten
6 Trish Coates Andy Chambers

Previous Winners

Year Jim Wilson Champion Jim Wilson Plate Winner
1990 Steve Biggs
1991 Steve Oram
1995 Chris Lawman
1996 Pete Farrelly
1997 Steve Biggs
1998 Andy Chambers
1999 Andy Walker
2000 Steve Oram
2001 Andy Chambers
2002 Chris Lawman
2003 Jason Neal
2004 Chris Lawman
2005 Jason Neal
2006 Andy Chambers
2007 Chris Lawman
2008 Chris Lawman Damian Coates
2009 Jason Neal Damian Coates
2010 Jason Neal Roo Hare
2011 Simon Coleman Damian Coates
2012 Simon Coleman Chas Peel
2013 Simon Coleman Lorin Clough
2014 Ian Street Jim Thomson
2015 Ian Street Simon Coleman
2016 Ian Street Lorin Clough
2017 Stephen Coleman Lorin Clough
2018  Jim Thomson Stevie Anscombe
2019 Lorin Clough Andy Chambers