Friendly League 2020/21

resumption of play – Friendly League – Winter 2020/21

We look forward to welcoming players and teams who wish to play in the Northants Bar Billiards Friendly  League as part of our efforts to resume some Bar Billiards activity. This is not the commencement of the competitive calendar as some venues, teams and players will not feel able to participate. Instead this is an opportunity to provide a structured approach to the commencement of play in a manner consistent with current guidance to help protect the wellbeing of participants.

League fixtures shall nominally be held on Monday evenings however there shall be no restrictions on teams to rearrange to other more suitable evenings as may be required. The start date shall be Monday 2nd November. Although matches can be completed sooner or on any other agreed days of the week.

Match nights will consist of 3x single leg games with the home team with breaks in Legs 1 & 3 and the away team with breaks in Leg 2. Teams must consist of at least three players – no player will be able play more than one leg. Should a team be unable to field three players – unplayed legs shall be forfeited.

Captains must ensure that only the selected team attend the venue – no non-playing team members will be permitted to attend matches.

important information

All venues will impose safety protocols that must be adhered to at all times. These may differ from venue to venue and will take priority over the safety measure set out by Northants Bar Billiards, however, please read, understand and comply with the linked guidance from the league committee. You can access that guidance here.

Furthermore, be in no doubt that these are just a few tentative steps. Play will be stopped immediately should government guidance, local conditions or host venues dictate a change of approach. We will not put any member at undue risk.