Individual Knockout – Round 2

24th January 2019 @ 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Leigh Holmes vs Jon Coe – at The Cock – ‘A’ table (9:30pm)

John Tyson vs Andy Jarvie – at Headlands (8pm)

Jason Neal vs Andy Chambers – at The Red Lion (8pm)

Beckah Thomson vs Jason Dunkley – at The Cock – ‘A’ table (8pm)

Dave Sadler vs Norm Reynolds – at St James WMC (8:45pm)

Keith Thomson vs Rob Scarrott – at The Crown & Anchor (8pm)

Mick Haynes vs Damian Coates – at St James WMC (8pm)

Chas Peel vs Ted Dunkley – at The Cock – ‘C’ table (9:30pm)

Dunc Harris vs Tony Britten – at Headlands (8:45pm)

Phil York vs Sean Getty – at The Crown & Anchor (8:45pm)

Kevin Ayres vs Martin Atwill – at The Cock – ‘C’ table (8pm)

Mary Leeming vs Lorin Clough – at The Cock – ‘C’ table (8:45pm)

Alan Taylor vs Stewart Greenaway – at The Cock – ‘A’ table (8:45pm)